A brief history of Love…

Loves of Chester was first established by Stephen George Love and officially named S G Love & Sons Ltd, but has been trading under the name Loves of Chester since 1937.

The business had to cease trading during World War II as all members of staff were called up for National Service, but recommenced in 1947.

A true family company, it has been handed down through the generations to current owner Stuart Love. Stuart’s father first joined the company after leaving college, and jointly took over ownership of the business with his older brother Colin in the 1960’s when they moved the premises to its current location on Garden Lane in Chester.

Since the 1960’s, the Love family business has been a Hilman Dealership, an Opel Dealership and a Vauxhall Dealership. In 1990, they ceased being a new car franchise dealership and under Stuart’s leadership they turned their expertise towards selling used cars, and classic cars of which Stuart possess a wealth of knowledge.

Alongside these services, the garage also runs an MOT and service centre, as well as sourcing used and classic cars for clients and investors across the country.

In the past 81 years, Loves of Chester has survived a world war and two recessions, marking it an integral part of Chester life.

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